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We provide a large range of car services, covering everything from repairs to installation of new parts & tyres. To see our full range of services click on the links below.

Mazda Car Services & Repairs

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Mazda Car Servicing in Canberra

Mazda vehicles have some of the most demanding and unique oil specifications. With Mobil1 stocking the most up-to-date and extensive ranges of any lubricant company in Australia. You don’t have to settle for near enough for your Mazda, Mobil1 oils and lubricants not only meet, or exceed specifications, but carry difficult-to-obtain Mazda approvals.

All are staff are passionate, qualified professionals who have worked on countless Mazda models over the years.. These well-established, fully-equipped Euro specialists are located in Braddon & Mitchell.

Each offering premium quality, factory approved parts and genuine parts, along with full parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind. All with an emphasis on friendly, welcoming service and high customer satisfaction.

To get a service or repair on your Mazda give our team a call today on 0450 884 488

Mazda services we can work on


Car Service

Car Repairs

Car Repairs

driving tips for wet roads in Canberra

New Tyres

Suspension Repairs Canberra


car brake repairs in Canberra


wheel alignments Canberra

Wheel Alignments

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Call either of our two workshops today to book in your car for a service, repair or instal

Our Focus.

Our Focus.

At ACT Tyre Brake & Mechanical, we focus on you. As a family-run business, we treat each of our clients like family so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. Although our business was originally a franchise, we’ve evolved our practices and have become an independent retailer. This change has allowed us to reach a broader customer base and help more Canberra residents feel safe on the road.

Whether you frequently travel along the highway, through neighborhoods, or over long stretches of land, don’t let your car suddenly quit and leave you stranded. Be proactive and contact us on (02) 6257 6689 for car servicing in Canberra.

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Getting you back on the road in a safe vehcile

Client Reviews & Testimonials

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Based on 98 reviews
Kate Allan
Kate Allan
Super friendly service!
Drew Forme
Drew Forme
Good guys, did what was asked!
Wittaya Manee-in
Wittaya Manee-in
Very fast service.
Barbara Seeuwen
Barbara Seeuwen
Polite helpful and quick. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Definitely 5 stars !
Mark Zezulka
Mark Zezulka
Best Continental dealer in Canberra. Ordered special tyres I was after and arrived overnight. Was booked same week and car completed quickly but very professionally
Ral85 Mad99
Ral85 Mad99
Good service

Consider the following questions when looking at your car

  • Is your vehicle having engine troubles? We will look at the fundamental components-fuel mix, compression, timing belt, head gasket, and spark plugs as well as the minor details that might create a problem.
  • Is your clutch burning up? If you haven’t mastered the tricky business of friction, we’ll fix your clutch and help you understand how you can shift from one position to the next without making your engine stall and your passengers get whiplash.

These are just a few examples of what might be wrong with your vehicle. If you can’t understand the problem, don’t worry. Bring your vehicle to our shop and we’ll work hard to find an affordable solution.

Do you want to learn more about your car, features & tips, and tricks?

If so please follow us on  Facebook we aim to provide our clients with as much information about cars as possible. 

For example, did you know having your tyres pumped up to the correct level will reduce your fuel consumption by 3% to 10%. Which overtime is a huge saving considering fuel prices are high at the moment.