July 8, 2018

Buying Tyres Online?

Never Ever buy from this company its Dodggy business

I did buy 4 tyres for my Prado and all the 4 tyres have thread problems just after the expiry of the warranty period of 12 months, their customer service is BAD, I have now found out that the tyres are cheap imitation made in China as per Japanese specs. Tyrepower at Cranbourne said to me that I have been taken for a great ride as these tyres were manufactured in the year 2012 and fitted on my car in the year 2015. Never ever trust this company as you will be taken for a ride, this is what you get crap when you buy online

eg.. False and misleading advertisements to get the suckers in (yup, including me). Reported to the ACCC for obvious and blatant misleading information and false advertising. Customer service is a sham and will attempt to bury one in a deceitful and dismissive manner. Save yourself the trouble and buy elsewhere.

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Buyer Beware!!

I bought a set of Hankook Ventus SUV tyres and after only 300 ks suffered a puncture which destroyed the tyre in the space of 150 metres. Because Tyresales is not an authorised Hankook dealer, the Hankook road hazard warranty does not apply and Tyresales’ warranty specifically excludes puncture damage. I bought the tyres in good faith and the customer service from Hankook was appalling because I could find nobody willing to assist and the company was not prepared to replace the tyre as a goodwill gesture. Tyresales simply relied on the company’s warranty conditions to wipe its hands of the matter. Also, Tyresales staff were less than helpful as they did not process my order for another tyre and I had to make several phone calls to ascertain exactly what was going on, costing me several hundred dollars in lost income through not being able to drive my vehicle. Before buying tyres from Tyresales you need to ask whether the company is an authorised reseller – if not, walk away as you will not be covered under warranty by the tyre manufacturer or Tyresales. I WILL NEVER DEAL DEAL WITH TYRESALES AGAIN, NOR WILL I BUY HANKOOK TYRES, REGARDLESS OF WHO SELLS THEM!!

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